The Valley’s high temperatures bring a drop in tourism — but they also bring lower prices which attract certain groups. Many religious, social and sport groups take advantage of lower rates that are written in Phoenix law.
Opera is grand, beautiful and, of course, dramatic — and so are the costumes that help tell classic stories. For Arizona Opera costume designer Kathleen Trott, it’s a creative endeavor.


Dhamana shares a story about the first day of school while teaching.
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A proposal to create a new nature reserve off the cost of Mexico's Baja California Sur has created tension with fisherman who say making the region a protected area threatens their way of life.
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The seeds can even germinate while in a snake’s colon. Then, the slithery creatures travel miles and miles before the seeds pass through their digestive system.
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Two people are dead following the crash of a small home-built plane in north-central Arizona. Investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash.
The 93-year-old leader of the Mormon Church is trying to change how people refer to the faith.

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The pontiff's comments were in a letter penned nearly a week after a Pennsylvania grand jury report detailed decades of alleged child abuse and cover-ups. "We abandoned them," Francis wrote.
Americans forfeited about 200 million days of paid vacation leave last year. And many U.S. workers now take shorter, partial-week vacations. But even a mini-break can be good for your health.
Steep, rugged terrain has slowed progress on most of the fires raging throughout the state, including the Ranch Fire. But by Sunday, officials said the Ferguson fire was fully contained.
After nine years of a debt crisis that spawned economic upheaval and austerity measures, Athens will regain a degree of control over its finances, but officials say it's not out of the woods yet.
It took a jury less than four hours of deliberation to convict a Detroit-area man of sexually assaulting a woman who had fallen asleep in the window seat next to him during an overnight flight.