Arizona Town Hall President Tara Jackson has organized community discussions all over the state. But Thursday was different. “We’ve never done anything like this," Jackson said. "The Department of Corrections has never done anything like this.”
SPECIAL REPORT: The Chaos Of Arizona Prison Health Care
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In the summer, mesquite pods fall to the ground, usually to be raked up by people, or blown away by the wind, but one person’s yard debris is Peggy Sorensen’s main ingredient.
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Valley Metro Asks Council To Approve 2-Lane Light Rail Extension
Despite some opposition to extending light rail into south Phoenix, Valley Metro wants to stay the course. At a special meeting scheduled for Wednesday, the council will be asked to approve the two-lane design, which will reduce Central Avenue to one lane for vehicles in each direction.
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Q&AZ: How Much Money Is Allocated For Public Mental Health Services?
Ninety-one percent of the $2,344,672,606 spent by the The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment system in fiscal year 2017 went to programs connected to Medicaid and KidsCare, the state’s health insurance program for low-income children.
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Opioid Crisis Hits Home In Arizona
As the opioid epidemic continues to grip our state and nation, there is another population that’s being negatively affected by this crisis — the babies born to addicted mothers.
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Court Records: Crash Driver Had Smuggling Record
Authorities say Arizona residents and immigrants from Guatemala were among the eight people killed in a head-on crash. Federal court records show 45-year-old driver Rodney Palimo pleaded guilty in March 2008 to a misdemeanor count of aiding and abetting an alien.
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Bill Would Address National Park Repair Backlog
The Interior Secretary plans to visit the Grand Canyon on Saturday to bring attention to the need to fix national parks. The National Park Service has a $12 billion backlog of maintenance projects.
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The deputy attorney general rejected a story that described him musing about secretly wearing a wire or conferring with members of the Cabinet about invoking the 25th Amendment.
The co-founder of Death Row Records, who is 53, agreed to a plea deal for one count of voluntary manslaughter. He had been facing charges of murder and attempted murder.
Walter Mischel had an idea that became a pop culture touchstone. He wanted to see if preschoolers seated in front of a marshmallow could delay their gratification. What did the experiment really mean?
Officers who arrived at the house in New York City found multiple people with stab wounds, including three infants ranging from 3 days to 1 month old.
The president had been restrained in responding to the accusation by Christine Blasey Ford that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both in high school.