The Nutcracker returns to Ballet Arizona for its holiday residence with the Phoenix Symphony Hall. The New York Times has called the production one of the top three in the country, and it includes hundreds of Arizona’s best ballet dancers. Many of them are kids.
The United States has abandoned its attempt to prosecute a Border Patrol agent who killed a teenager by firing through the Arizona border fence into Mexico. A motion filed in federal court Thursday that brings to an end the six-year case of Lonnie Swartz.


Clinic Provides $2 Million Worth Of Free Dentistry In Two Days
The 7th annual Dental Mission of Mercy wrapped up Saturday at the Arizona State Fairgrounds. About 2,000 people were provided more than $2 million worth of free dentistry in two days.
Arizona Western College Kills Football Program, Leaves One School In League
Arizona Western College eliminated its football program last week, leaving just one community college team in the state: Eastern Arizona College. That school is now weighing its options.
Attorney General Brnovich Joins Coalition To Fight Robocalls
A bipartisan group of 40 attorneys general is trying to reduce the amount of annoying or harmful automated or “robocalls” across the country. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has joined that effort.
Arizona Veteran Remembers Pearl Harbor
On this day 77 years ago, more than 2,400 Americans were killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Arizona resident Jack Holder was there.
Stringer Standing By Comments About African Immigrants
Despite rebukes from fellow Republicans and some outright calls for his ouster, Arizona Rep. David Stringer is sticking by comments he made last month, suggesting that African immigrants to the U.S. “don’t blend in” like Caucasians of European descent.

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