Gov. Doug Ducey Signs Law Requiring Students To Pass Civics Exam To Graduate

By Alexandra Olgin
Published: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 - 6:08pm
(Alexandra Olgin KJZZ News)
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signs American Civics Act surrounded by students from Corona del Sol High School in Tempe.

Governor Doug Ducey had the ceremonial signing the American Civics Act Tuesday at the Arizona Capitol. 

The law requires high school students to correctly answer 60 percent of the questions on the United States citizenship test in order to get their diploma. The Class of 2017 will be the first class required to take the exam.

“I will always be proud that the American Civics Act was the first bill I signed as governor," Ducey said. "And that Arizona was the first state in the nation to sign it.”

Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas was at the bill signing ceremony. She and Ducey have a recent history. Earlier this month, Douglas fired two members of the Arizona Board of Education. Ducey quickly reversed her decision. Now a bill going through the senate would clarify the relationship between the State Board of Education and the superintendent.

“I believe it will resolve some unanswered questions," Douglas said. "And we’ll make clear. Actually, the law is very clear but we will make sure it’s crystal clear.”

The bill would leave the power to hire and fire employees with the board. It still needs to be approved by the appropriations committee before the full legislature votes.

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