Arizona Universities Propose Tuition And Fee Increases

By Alexandra Olgin
Published: Friday, April 10, 2015 - 4:44pm
Julie Levin/KJZZ
Old Main on the University of Arizona Tucson campus.

Arizona’s Board of Regents is considering proposals to raise the cost of college at the state’s three universities because of nearly $100 million in state budget cuts to the universities. 

University of Arizona’s proposal would keep tuition constant for students who have opted into the four-year guaranteed tuition plan, but new students opting into the plan will pay more.

Student body president Issac Ortega worked with staff to come up with the proposal. 

 “The cost of overall tuition is going up, but what we were able to accomplish is allowing the mandatory fees be a part of the guaranteed tuition program," Ortega said. "So now if a student signs up for the guaranteed tuition program, they will not see their tuition increase throughout their time at the University of Arizona or their mandatory fees.”

Northern Arizona University is proposing a tuition increase, but students in its Pledge program will stay at the same base tuition rate. The PLEDGE program is another guaranteed tuition plan, which 96 percent of undergraduates at the Flagstaff campus have opted into. 

Arizona State University in Tempe is recommending in-state students pay an increased one-time flat rate of $320 dollars next year and plans to raise out-of-state tuition by 4 percent.

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