Phoenix Zoo Open, But Still Recovering From Storm Damage

By Alexandra Olgin
Published: Monday, September 7, 2015 - 2:44pm
(Courtesy of the Phoenix Zoo)
The Phoenix Zoo had a big mess to clean up after the monsoon storm last week.

The Phoenix Zoo reopened this weekend after damage from monsoon weather early last week caused it to shut down for three days.

Rain and heavy winds last Monday night knocked down trees and toppled fences and shade structures, but no animals were harmed. Linda Hardwick with the zoo said about 4,000 visitors came to see the animals Saturday.

"The cooler temperatures brought out a lot of people," she said. "There were some people curious to walk around zoo grounds and see how the exhibits looked after their extreme home makeover that Mother Nature caused.”          

Most of the repairs are done, but crews are still working to remove a few downed trees. Hardwick said the continuing clean-up isn’t blocking views of any exhibits and all of the walkways are open. 

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