New Faces Join Ranks Of Maricopa County's Public Servants

By Carrie Jung
Published: Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - 6:04pm

Some new faces joined the ranks of Maricopa County’s public servants Wednesday. Among them were County Recorder Adrian Fontes and District 3 County Supervisor Bill Gates.

Gates was elected to the county position this fall after serving on the Phoenix City Council for 7 years. He said he hopes to bring his experience working on the city’s efficiency subcommittee will also help with county business.

"I’m really excited about jumping into those issues over here," Gates said. "Working with my new colleagues to make the operations more efficient, both through new technologies and energy efficiency. I'm very much looking forward to working on economic development issues."

In addition to swearing in about two dozen county officials, the Board of Supervisors also unanimously elected District 1 Supervisor Denny Barney to become the group’s chairman during Wednesday's meeting.

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