ON Semiconductor Announces Smart Camera Technology In Cars

Published: Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 5:05am

Phoenix-based microchip maker ON Semiconductor announced a new project Wednesday that will put smart camera technology in cars.

The licensing agreement is with California-based CEVA, which owns the rights to the imaging software, needed to see what is on the road. ON is one of the makers of the chips that will house the technology. ON marketing director, Geoff Ballew, said some of the reason for the technology is regulatory requirement.

“Safety advocates are pursuing legislation to make sure that these aren’t just available on expensive cars, things like legislation requiring rear-view cameras, but make sure they are applied to all price points,” Ballew said. 

Emergency braking and pre-tightening of seat belts are some actions the cars will also be able to take.

The company said that by 2023, the demand for in-car camera technology will be around 200 million units.

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