Yavapai County GOP Celebrating Goldwater Anniversary

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 - 12:03pm

Republicans in Yavapai County will be remembering the 50th anniversary this week of Barry Goldwater’s tradition of launching his political campaigns in Prescott.

The Yavapai County Republican Party will hold a free public celebration Thursday night of Barry Goldwater’s kickoff, in Prescott, of his 1964 presidential campaign.

Goldwater, who actually started kicking off his campaigns in Prescott in 1952 in his first bid for the U.S. Senate, lost the presidency in a landslide that year to Lyndon Johnson, who portrayed the Arizona Senator as an extremist.

The county party will rally in the ballroom of the Hotel St. Michael, across from the Prescott courthouse where Goldwater launched his presidential bid.

The Daily Courier reports Goldwater’s son, Barry Goldwater Jr., will share his memories of his father’s life in politics and that an extensive collection of Goldwater campaign memorabilia will be on display.

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