Valley Temps Close To Breaking Record For 3rd Straight Day

By Carrie Jung
Published: Monday, March 20, 2017 - 5:19pm

Highs in the Valley will get close to breaking a record for a third day in a row today. Temperatures are forecast to reach 93 this afternoon, just two degrees shy of the 95 degree record.

Chris Breckenridge of the National Weather Service says reaching record highs in March isn’t abnormal, but he adds that seeing eight days with temperatures hotter than 90 degrees like we have this year is not typical.

"That would be on the unusual side to get that many days of 90 in March. It’s something we really shouldn’t see. We should be in the middle-70s and in this last week plus, and we obviously haven’t been," Breckenridge says.

Highs will drop significantly tomorrow, reaching more normal levels in the mid-70s. 

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