Gas Prices Continue Downward Trend

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Friday, September 12, 2014 - 9:06am

The cost of filling up continues to trend downward. The statewide average price of gas is off 2-cents in the last week, to 3.39-a-gallon. Triple-A Arizona spokeswoman Valerie Vineyard says there are several reasons for the decrease

“Many parts of the country are switching over to cheaper winter blend  fuel. That puts downward pressure on prices.  Also crude has been trading in the low $90 range. Demand is falling because the busy summer driving season has ended," Vinyard said.

She says continued conflict in the Middle East could stop the downward pricing trend but that’s not likely to have a short term impact on gas prices. Flagstaff has Arizona’s highest average prices at $3.64 per gallon, while drivers pay the least for gas in Tucson at an average $3.26.

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