Ducey Supports Investigation Of Sexual Harassment In Legislature

By Will Stone
Published: Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 5:05am

Gov. Doug Ducey says he supports an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment in the state Legislature. 

The speaker of the Arizona House J.D. Mesnard has announced he’s launching an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment. That comes after Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita, a Republican from Scottsdale, accused fellow lawmaker Rep. Don Shooter of Yuma of inappropriate comments and advances. Shooter categorically denies the allegations and has even raised the prospect of legal action Ugenti-Rita.

Ducey says he supports an investigation into any claims of sexual harassment.

“We don’t think that sexual harassment should exist at the state level and if it does, it should be, let’s get the facts and they can conduct next steps,” Ducey said.

Since Ugenti-Rita made her story public, more women, including state lawmakers and lobbyists, have started to come forward with instances of alleged sexual harassment committed by Shooter, according to a report in the Arizona Capitol Times.

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