Former Rep. Shooter Eligible For $600 A Month Before Taxes In State Pension

By Casey Kuhn
Published: Saturday, February 3, 2018 - 5:05am
Don Shooter.

Now that Don Shooter has been expelled from public office, what happens to his taxpayer-funded pension and benefits? The law says, unless someone has committed a serious crime while working for the state, the money earned is owed and available.

Former Yuma Rep. Don Shooter worked a total of seven years as a state lawmaker, both in the House and Senate.

His fellow legislators just voted to expel him after allegations of sexual harassment.

Now that he is not a lawmaker, he’s eligible to collect his benefits under state law.

Working that long at $24,000 a year, Shooter can now apply for that pension, which would come out to around $600 a month before taxes for the rest of his life.

Officials say the 65-year-old has not yet applied for those benefits.

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