Arizona's Congressional Delegation Split Over Obama's Immigration Reform Vow

By Steve Shadley
Published: Friday, November 7, 2014 - 7:16am
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Arizona’s Congressional delegation is split over President Obama’s vow to issue an executive order on immigration reform. After Tuesday’s election, Obama said in a White House briefing that he’s considering the move.

Sen. John McCain said Obama should allow Congress to sort out the immigration issue. But retiring Democratic Rep. Ed Pastor told KJZZ during an interview this week that he’s disappointed Congress didn’t pass immigration reform before the midterm election.

Pastor said Obama missed an opportunity to push through a measure that would grant legal status to some undocumented workers like President Reagan did in the 1980s.

It took the shadow away from families that were here and today I see children of those families that were given legalization and you just see how the contributed but also how fulfilling it was for them,” Pastor said.

Republicans will have control in the House and Senate next year after GOP candidates steamrolled Democrats in the election.

Republican leaders have said if Obama uses his executive order it would circumvent the constitution.  


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