AZ Supreme Court Will Hear Cases About Medical Marijuana Use For People On Probation

By Alexandra Olgin
Published: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 5:21pm
Ted S. Warren/AP/NPR
Marijuana leaves.

The Arizona Supreme Court will hear two cases about medical marijuana next year. The threshold question in both is if people on probation can use the drug.

The Medical Marijuana Act passed by popular vote in Arizona in 2010. It allows citizens with certain conditions to use the drug. This law has been controversial and is now being challenged in the Court of Appeals. Pima County Public Defender David Euchner is involved with the probation cases. He said people on probation have some of their freedoms restricted with curfews and limits on alcohol, but medical marijuana is different.

“There are provisions within the Medical Marijuana Act that say that government cannot deny any right or privilege," Euchner said. "Even though probation isn’t a right, it’s a privilege, it’s still something that cannot be denied based in medical marijuana it's right there in the letter of the law.”

Euchner said the Supreme Court’s decision will hopefully settle disputes on the issue once and for all. The case is expected to be heard next year. 

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