Pima County And Tucson Sued Over Conviction In Hotel Fire

By Steve Shadley
Published: Thursday, February 5, 2015 - 4:02pm
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A man convicted of starting a deadly Tucson hotel fire almost 45 years ago has filed a lawsuit against the city and Pima County. He entered a plea agreement two years ago that set aside his conviction and allowed him to go free.

Louis C. Taylor was convicted in 1972 of setting a fire at Tucson’s Pioneer hotel that killed 29 people. 

In 2013, new evidence was presented and he entered a no contest plea agreement. 

But Taylor was never exonerated and he’s maintained his innocence.

Speaking at a news briefing hours after he was released from prison, Taylor was emotional.

"We have the best judicial system in the world," Taylor said. "I don’t see how I fell in the cracks for 42 years. It shouldn’t have ever happened."

The Arizona Daily Star reported Taylor has accused the city of Tucson and Pima County of depriving him of his constitutional rights and refusal to disclose evidence that could have exonerated him at trial. 

The damages he’s seeking are unknown. 

City and county officials won't comment on the suit. 



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