Months after President Donald Trump declared an emergency on the U.S.-Mexico border, the mayor of Yuma has officially joined in. Douglas Nicholls, a Republican, sounded the alarm this week when the area’s only shelter was already packed with migrants and Border Patrol planned to drop more off. The mayor says he took action to prevent a large homeless population in the city and to protect its residents.


Arizona Supports Waters Of U.S. Rule Change, But Wants Delay
The state of Arizona supports a proposed federal rule change redefining what’s considered a “Water of the United States,” but is asking the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers to hold off on putting the rule in place.
10 hours ago
South Phoenix Wildlife Refuge Home To Feather Conservatory For Native Americans
Program allows Native Americans to request and obtain, for free, bird feathers and carcasses safely.
1 hour ago
ASU Announces E-Cigarette, Vaping Ban
University is adding vaping devices to its tobacco ban on July 1, joining NAU and UA to have similar bans.
2 hours ago
Taxpayer Bill From Arpaio Profiling Case To Reach $150M By Mid-2020
The taxpayer bill for a racial profiling case stemming from former Sheriff Joe Arpaio's immigration patrols in metropolitan Phoenix is expected to reach nearly $150 million by the summer of 2020.
MCSO Is Running Community Meetings In Racial Profiling Case, Federal Judge Says It Falls Short
Judge Murray Snow said Friday that while progress has been made, the meetings run by the Sheriff’s Office have fallen short. He says they have failed, in a reasonable way, to address the Latino communities affected. So, Judge Snow said the meetings should be, again, run by the monitor to be more effective.

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More than 200 people have been killed in coordinated bombings across Sri Lanka. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro gets the latest on the ground in Colombo from journalist Lisa Fuller.
This season's final competition, originally scheduled for mid-March, had to be bumped up by two weeks. "The river was already melting," the town's mayor explained.
At least 130 people have been killed in coordinated bombings in Sri Lanka that targeted luxury hotels and churches, as people gathered for Easter services.
With Iowa caucuses still nine months away, candidates in the huge field of Democrats are looking to stand out. One way: show up in voters' homes.
Blasts were reported at three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.