To Slash Food Tax In Half, City Asks For Input
Phoenix residents can weigh in on the future of the city’s controversial food tax this week, as officials host a series of public meetings to discuss the best way to phase it out. In 2010, the city slapped a 2 percent tax on food as an emergency measure to raise cash during the recession, but the city council is now looking for ways to cut the tax in half by January 1, 2014.
Sep. 9, 2013
Fundraiser Underway To Buy Colorado River Water For Mexico Wetlands
A first of its kind private fundraiser to buy water rights to the Colorado River launches in Phoenix this weekend. Environmental groups want to purchase enough water to keep the river flowing south of the border during the severe drought.
Sep. 7, 2013
The Zozobra Goes Up In Flames
A nearly century old New Mexico tradition involves the burning of a 50 foot tall effigy along with the world's gloom.
Sep. 6, 2013
Backers Of Two Ballot Referendum Petition Drives Approaching Deadline
Backers of two ballot referendum petition drives are rapidly approaching deadlines to get them before Arizona voters in 2014. Barry Hess of the Libertarian Party said the Protect Your Right to Vote Committee has collected at least 130,000 signatures in its attempt to block an omnibus election law from taking effect.
Sep. 6, 2013
Changing Attitudes About Sports Injuries
Throw some dirt on it. That is what a lot of coaches and even some parents would say to young football players who looked like they had suffered a minor injury. Throwing up on the sidelines? Just part of the game.
Sep. 6, 2013
Weighing In On Whether College Student Athletes Should Get Paid
It probably wasn't Woodward and Bernstein or the filmmakers behind "All The President’s Men" who coined the phrase ‘follow the money.' Neither legendary reporter covered the machine of college athletics, which seems to run thanks to the millions and even billions of dollars fed into it by TV networks and sponsors, but until very recently despite convincing, logical op-eds in national newspapers, the concept of truly sharing those funds with student-athletes seemed unlikely.
Sep. 6, 2013
Arizona Corporation Commission Holds Hearing About Legal Complications Of Electric Market Deregulation
 The Arizona Corporation Commission held a hearing to discuss the legal issues of deregulating the utility market. Lawyers on both sides of the issue addressed the commission.  Michael Grant, attorney for the Arizona Investment Council, argued against deregulation.
Sep. 6, 2013
How The Catholic Church Tackles Social Issues
This weekend’s pro-reform homilies will not be the Catholic Church’s only move to influence policy. Pope Francis plans to lead several hours of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria tomorrow. That got KJZZ's Nick Blumberg thinking about how and how much religious leaders can affect the way people think about big social issues of the day.
Sep. 6, 2013
Hollywood Provokes With New Drug War Shows
The War on Drugs makes for good drama. It has inspired Hollywood for years and lately a recent surge of TV shows like "Breaking Bad," "Weeds" and "The Bridge." These shows are trying to do something new however — showing the complexity of the conflict, with bad guys on both sides of the border.
Sep. 6, 2013
Illegal Crossings Increasingly Deadly Along South Texas Border
A costly game of cat and mouse unfolds nightly along the banks of the Rio Grande in South Texas. The number of immigrants crossing illegally there has doubled in the last four years, making it the busiest section along the Southwest border.
Sep. 6, 2013
Arizona Congress Members Have Mixed Views Over Syria
Arizona’s Congress members have mixed reactions to President Obama’s call for military strikes in Syria. Flagstaff Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick said her office has been overwhelmed with phone calls and emails from constituents about the issue, but she is not ready to make a commitment.
Sep. 6, 2013
Nationwide Immigration Mass Hopes to Sway Congress
In response to a call from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, dioceses across the country will hold Mass with an immigration theme this coming Sunday.
Sep. 6, 2013
Did You Know: Phoenix Has Its Very Own Castle
The house was built in 1929 as a resort. After years of restoration, the castle that sits on a hill in the middle of Phoenix has become a visitors' destination, Tovrea Castle.   The path leading up to the front of the castle.
Sep. 6, 2013
Police Treating Teen?s Death As Homicide
Phoenix police said they are treating the death of an aspiring teenage boxer as a homicide, after his parents found him dead in his home Tuesday. Sergeant Trent Crump said 17-year-old Alexis Urbina-Ochoa was home from school Tuesday morning and last seen alive at 10:30 a.
Sep. 6, 2013
Undocumented Immigrant Rescued By The Office Of Air and Marine After Fall
Border Patrol said the Office of Air and Marine rescued an undocumented immigrant who fell and injured himself while hiking in the mountains southwest of Tucson. Border Patrol spokesman Victor Brabble said a helicopter was deployed to lower a paramedic into the rugged area to help the man with a head injury and broken pelvis.
Sep. 6, 2013
Average State Gas Prices Considerably Less Than National Average
Arizonans continue to pay less to fill up their gas tanks. AAA said the statewide average price of a gallon of unleaded was $3.39 Friday, and spokeswoman Michell Donatti said that is considerably less than elsewhere in the country.
Sep. 6, 2013
Town Hall Attendees Overwhelmingly Against Syria Attacks
A town hall on Thursday with Arizona Sen. John McCain became contentious, as many in attendance made it clear where they stand on a military strike against Syria.“You don’t respect our view,” one attendee said.
Sep. 6, 2013
Colorado River Fundraising Drive Planned For This Weekend
A coalition of environmental groups is launching a fundraising drive for Saturday.  They will be trying to restore part of the overtaxed Colorado River that has become more desert than delta. Conservationists from Mexico and the U.
Sep. 6, 2013
Arizona Corporation Commission To Decide On Electric Market Deregulation
This fall, the state’s utility regulators will decide whether to take up an issue that could change how you get your electricity. The Arizona Corporation Commission has asked for comment on what it is calling retail competition.
Sep. 6, 2013