Christina Estes

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Senior Field Correspondent - Downtown

As a senior field correspondent, Christina Estes focuses on stories that impact our economy, your wallet and public policy.

During her 15-plus years reporting in Arizona, Estes has worked for a variety of news outlets and covered presidential campaigns, state and local politics, education and business.

Like many Midwest transplants, Estes enjoys spending winters on the patio — especially reading a good mystery while lying in a hammock.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Hitting The Beach? Vacation Survey Shows Mixed Plans Christina Estes July 12, 2019
Global Company Opens Research Center In Tempe Christina Estes July 10, 2019
APS Gets Temporary Power To Last Building After Fire Christina Estes July 5, 2019
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Buckle Up: 5 Years Of Phoenix Road Construction Ahead Christina Estes, Steve Goldstein July 8, 2019
'Game Changer' Project Near Indian School Park Christina Estes July 4, 2019
Phoenix City Leader Thanks Family In Police Video, Vows Support Christina Estes July 3, 2019
Ducey Axes Funds For Factory After Nike Pulls Flag Shoe Christina Estes, Steve Goldstein, Lauren Gilger July 2, 2019
Phoenix Parking Meters To Help Homeless Christina Estes July 5, 2019
For Sale: Arizona’s Oldest American Legion Post Christina Estes July 1, 2019
Phoenix Program Could Inspire More Colorful Crosswalks Christina Estes July 4, 2019
Phoenix: No City Facilities Suitable For Migrant Families Christina Estes June 28, 2019
Message To Phoenix City Council: 'Support Our Police Officers' Christina Estes June 27, 2019
Phoenix Set To Explore Future Of The Convention Center South Hall Christina Estes July 1, 2019
Why Aren’t Phoenix Police Body-Worn Cameras Automatically Recording? Christina Estes June 21, 2019
Phoenix City Council To Consider More Police Oversight Christina Estes June 20, 2019
19North Corridor Takes Shape Around Light Rail Christina Estes, Steve Goldstein June 19, 2019
Tortilla Shop, Restaurant Planned For Historic Buildings Christina Estes June 18, 2019
Phoenix Fire Still Waiting On Electronic Reporting Christina Estes, Lauren Gilger June 18, 2019
Sky Harbor Plan Could Reduce Cut-Through Traffic Christina Estes June 17, 2019
Arizona Ranks 46th In Annual Children’s Report Christina Estes, Mark Brodie June 17, 2019
Phoenix Shares Preparations For Monsoon Season Christina Estes, Steve Goldstein June 13, 2019
Saving Light Rail Top Priority For Phoenix Mayor Christina Estes June 13, 2019
Will Metrocenter Mall Become An Entertainment Hub? Christina Estes June 13, 2019
Arizona Federal Credit Union Wants To Buy Community Bank Christina Estes June 10, 2019