Alexandra Olgin

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Arizona's Child Welfare Agency Asks For Funding Increase Alexandra Olgin, Mark Brodie Jan. 7, 2016
Maricopa County Court Adds Judges To Speed Up Severance Cases Alexandra Olgin Jan. 5, 2016
Arizona Food Stamp Changes May Leave 21,000 Without Food Benefits Alexandra Olgin Jan. 4, 2016
For Social Workers, Holidays Are A Juggling Act Alexandra Olgin Dec. 28, 2015
Arizona Lawmaker Pushes For More Access To Overdose-Reversal Drug Naloxone Alexandra Olgin Dec. 24, 2015
CDC Report: Teen Birth Rates Hit Record Low Alexandra Olgin Dec. 24, 2015
Arizona Chief Justice Pushes To Make Civil Litigation More Affordable, Efficient Alexandra Olgin Dec. 23, 2015
Arizona Court Struggles To Fill Positions On Foster Care Review Boards Alexandra Olgin Dec. 22, 2015
Arizona Planned Parenthood Increasing Security At Clinics Alexandra Olgin Dec. 21, 2015
Private Prison Facility In Eloy Expanding Alexandra Olgin Dec. 17, 2015
Arizona Budget Committee Gives Child Safety Report Unfavorable Review Alexandra Olgin Dec. 15, 2015
Today: Last Day To Sign Up For Health Insurance For January Coverage Alexandra Olgin Dec. 15, 2015
New Phoenix VA Director Starts Position, Hopes To Regain Veterans' Trust Alexandra Olgin Dec. 14, 2015
Arizona Among States With Lowest Rate Of Cardiovascular Deaths Alexandra Olgin Dec. 13, 2015
Education Report: Disciplinary Actions For Arizona Educators Is Under Reported Alexandra Olgin Dec. 9, 2015
Maricopa County Courts Adding More Judges To Deal With Influx Of DCS Cases Alexandra Olgin Dec. 8, 2015
Valley Metro Board Of Directors Details Terms Of CEO's Departure Alexandra Olgin Dec. 7, 2015
Valley Metro Facing Audits, Investigations And Other Changes Alexandra Olgin Dec. 4, 2015
Valley Metro Boards Vote Unanimously To Accept CEO's Resignation Alexandra Olgin Dec. 3, 2015
Arizona DCS Is 3 Months Late Releasing Quarterly Report Alexandra Olgin Dec. 1, 2015
Education Experts: Teacher Training Is Key To AzMERIT Success Alexandra Olgin Dec. 1, 2015
AzMERIT Results: Less Than Half Of Arizona Students Got Passing Scores Alexandra Olgin Nov. 30, 2015
Arizona Appeals Courts Issue Conflicting Rulings On Paternity Laws Alexandra Olgin Nov. 30, 2015
Valley Cities Wrap Up Special Census Alexandra Olgin Nov. 30, 2015
Inmates Ask Court To Continue Stay On Executions In Arizona Alexandra Olgin Nov. 25, 2015