Alexandra Olgin

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Report Ranks Arizona As Having Lax Traffic Safety Laws Alexandra Olgin Jan. 22, 2015
Several Law Enforcement Bills Introduced Into State Legislature Alexandra Olgin Jan. 22, 2015
Possible Proposed Bill Would Allow Names Of Officers Involved In Shootings To Be Withheld Alexandra Olgin Jan. 21, 2015
Superintendent Diane Douglas Says Arizona Needs More Quality Educators Alexandra Olgin Jan. 21, 2015
Arizona Law Would Ban All Cell Phone Use For New Drivers Alexandra Olgin Jan. 20, 2015
Bill Would Require Doctors, Pharmacists To Use Controlled Substance Database Alexandra Olgin Jan. 19, 2015
Standards Organization Requires Third-Party Certification For Football Helmets Alexandra Olgin Jan. 16, 2015
Former Border Patrol Agent Sent To Prison For Money Laundering Alexandra Olgin Jan. 15, 2015
USDA Funds Two Arizona Conservation Projects Alexandra Olgin Jan. 14, 2015
Arizona Legislature And Schools Ordered To Discuss Funding Alexandra Olgin Jan. 14, 2015
Supreme Court Hears Cases On Medical Marijuana Use During Probation Alexandra Olgin Jan. 13, 2015
State Budget Woes Could Prevent Arizona From Offering Free Community College Alexandra Olgin Jan. 12, 2015
Maricopa County Picked For Online Census Test Alexandra Olgin Jan. 9, 2015
President Obama's Phoenix Visit Focuses On Real Estate Recovery Carrie Jung, Alexandra Olgin Jan. 8, 2015
Teen Pregnancy Rates Down In Arizona Alexandra Olgin Jan. 7, 2015
McCain Named Chairman Of The Armed Services Committee Alexandra Olgin Jan. 7, 2015
Glendale To Add Some Discrimination Protections Alexandra Olgin Jan. 6, 2015
Director Of The Department Of Economic Security Resigns Alexandra Olgin Jan. 5, 2015
Federal Fingerprinting Program Ends Alexandra Olgin Jan. 5, 2015
People With PTSD Eligible For Medical Marijuana Card In 2015 Alexandra Olgin Jan. 1, 2015
One Neighborhood Takes Holiday Decorating To A New Level Alexandra Olgin Dec. 24, 2014
Animal Cruelty Charges Dropped Against Gilbert Kennel Owners Alexandra Olgin Dec. 23, 2014
Federal Government Says Employment Discrimination Law Includes Transgender Protections Alexandra Olgin Dec. 22, 2014
$400,000 Of Snow Fencing Stolen From Arizona Department Of Transportation Alexandra Olgin Dec. 23, 2014
Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia Fired For Insubordination Alexandra Olgin Dec. 18, 2014