Alexandra Olgin

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Sonora Quest Labs Open Testing Centers In Arizona Safeway Stores Alexandra Olgin Nov. 24, 2015
Arizona Department Of Corrections Announces Changes On Oversight Of Private Prisons Alexandra Olgin Nov. 20, 2015
Arizona Taxi Fleets Slapped With Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Alexandra Olgin Nov. 20, 2015
Eloy, Arizona Prison Could Expand, Take On 1,000 More Inmates Alexandra Olgin Nov. 18, 2015
Historic Status Recommended For Phoenix Frank Lloyd Wright House Alexandra Olgin Nov. 17, 2015
Many Phoenix-Area Schools Send Out AzMERIT Scores Alexandra Olgin Nov. 16, 2015
Gallego Bill Would Involve Community In Phoenix Flight Path Changes Alexandra Olgin Nov. 10, 2015
Arizona, New Mexico Power Line Project One Step Closer To Approval Alexandra Olgin Nov. 9, 2015
Legislative Committee Approves Audit Of 'First Things First,' Child Health And Development Program Alexandra Olgin Nov. 5, 2015
Apache Junction Loses Fifth School Override Vote In 8 Years Alexandra Olgin Nov. 4, 2015
Arizona Board Of Education Confirms New Executive Director Alexandra Olgin Nov. 3, 2015
Arizona Clean Elections Commission Clarifies What It Considers A Political Committee Alexandra Olgin Oct. 30, 2015
Arpaio Contempt Case: MCSO Captain Answers Questions About Not Disclosing IDs Alexandra Olgin, Jude Joffe-Block Oct. 28, 2015
GEO Group To Take Over Kingman Prison Contract Alexandra Olgin Oct. 27, 2015
Arizona DCS Asking Ex-Employees To Help Reduce Backlog Of Investigations Alexandra Olgin Oct. 23, 2015
Get Live Updates From Arizona Child Safety Oversight Committee Meeting Alexandra Olgin Oct. 22, 2015
Former Lawmaker Proposes Changes To Redistricting Commission Alexandra Olgin Oct. 20, 2015
Clinical Trial Will Test New Treatment For Valley Fever Pneumonia Alexandra Olgin Oct. 19, 2015
Last US Airways Flight Departs From Phoenix Alexandra Olgin Oct. 16, 2015
Phoenix Police Works To Restore Community Relations Bureau Alexandra Olgin Oct. 14, 2015
Arizona High Court Hears Arguments In 'Baseline Killer' Case Alexandra Olgin Oct. 13, 2015
Senate President Calls For Another Audit Of First Things First Alexandra Olgin Oct. 8, 2015
Group To Recall Diane Douglas: We Have 100,000 Signatures So Far Alexandra Olgin Oct. 8, 2015
Few Abortions Paid For By Arizona's Medicaid System Since 2010 Alexandra Olgin Oct. 7, 2015
Audit: Arizona DCS Lacks Consistent Child-Removal Guidelines Alexandra Olgin Oct. 1, 2015