Tobin And Kirkpatrick Discuss Immigration Issues In Congressional Debate

Published: Thursday, September 25, 2014 - 11:39am

Republican challenger Andy Tobin sought to gain votes during a 1st congressional district debate last night against incumbent Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, by arguing if voters oppose President Obama, they should oust her.

One hot topic was the issue of immigration reform. Kirkpatrick said she's all for securing the border to keep criminals out.

”But there's a economic piece," Kirkpatrick said. "And we have a lot of farmers in this congressional district who rely on guest workers to come and help them in their fields.”

Tobin said the legislation needs to secure the border, before dealing with the 11 million migrants who are in the U.S. without papers. He did say he would back some method of ensuring that immigrants brought here illegally as children can remain.

“If they're here, I have a problem with sending children back to countries they've never been from and languages they've never known," Tobin said.

But Tobin said that discussion should take place only when the border is secure. Kirkpatrick got in the last shot of the night, pointing out the Speaker of the state House can’t even vote for himself because he lives in Paulden, which is outside the District.

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