Arizona Elections

While consumer advocates circulate an initiative banning predatory car title loans, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich appears to be siding with another high interest loan business.
12 minutes ago
In a unanimous vote, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved spending almost $4 million on new election equipment.
Apr. 12, 2018
Republican Debbie Lesko, running for Congress in Arizona's 8th Congressional district, said Republicans will keep the House majority "no matter who is speaker."
Apr. 11, 2018
The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office is asking for money to expand a faster check-in system for voters.
Apr. 9, 2018
On Friday, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed House Bill 2153. It blocks any local ordinance that requires non-profit groups involved in local elections to register as political action committees. And it makes sure to prohibit any requirement to identify contributors.
Apr. 9, 2018
On Thursday, Arizona Gov. Ducey signed legislation preventing cities from requiring so-called "dark-money" disclosures. That came on the heels of Tempe voters deciding by a 91-9 percent margin that they wanted exactly that.
Apr. 6, 2018
Trump’s decision to send the National Guard to the border drew sharp rebukes from across Mexico’s political spectrum this week. The country’s four presidential candidates put aside their differences to rally against a common rival.
Apr. 6, 2018
Representatives of Mexico’s political parties will be in Arizona on Saturday night to take part in a forum on the country’s upcoming presidential election.
Apr. 5, 2018
For the first time ever, the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office has overhauled its elections procedures manual.
Apr. 5, 2018
The Institute for Free Speech has released its first Free Speech Index, which grades the 50 states on political giving freedom.
Apr. 4, 2018
If you are one of the more than 1 million Arizonans who pays your energy bill to the Salt River Project, you can vote Tuesday in elections for the utility’s new board members.
Apr. 3, 2018
The relationship between the Republican Party and African-Americans has been shaky for more than 50 years, with the GOP rarely attracting as little as 10 percent support in most presidential elections.
Mar. 28, 2018
The special general election in Arizona's 8th Congressional district is almost here.
Mar. 25, 2018
In a debate on Friday, Republican Debbie Lesko and Democrat Hiral Tipirneni talked about a wide array of issues: school vouchers, health care, tax cuts. They agreed on little.
Mar. 23, 2018
Members of the Arizona Legislature supported banning local governments from requiring politically active nonprofits to disclose donors, contradicting Tempe voters.
Mar. 22, 2018
Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake spoke at a political forum in New Hampshire on Friday. He said again he hasn’t ruled out running for president, although the “odds are long.”
Mar. 16, 2018
Tempe voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 403 on Tuesday, which amends the City Charter to "require the disclosure of the origins of major contributions used to influence city elections."
Mar. 14, 2018
The city of Tempe completed its first entirely mail-in election Tuesday.
Mar. 14, 2018
Election season is on the way, which means you'll be seeing and hearing a plethora of campaign ads for candidates. That also means the phrase “I approve this message” will be ubiquitous. Do those four words really mean anything, though, when it comes to believability of a candidate and his or her promises?
Mar. 12, 2018
The Orpheum, which holds 1,364 people, was filled almost to capacity, as fans of the Sanders and even a few supporters of President Donald Trump watched Sanders speak.
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Mar. 11, 2018
The Arizona Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will hold a public meeting Friday to talk about potential barriers to voting in the aftermath of a 2013 U.S. Supreme Court ruling.
Mar. 8, 2018