Chloe Nordquist

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Arizona Ranks In Top 10 States For Youth Drug Overdose Deaths Chloe Nordquist Dec. 28, 2015
Census: Poverty In Female Head Of Household Families Increases In Maricopa County Chloe Nordquist Dec. 28, 2015
Arizona Fire Fighters Warn Of Phone Solicitors Collecting Donations Chloe Nordquist Dec. 21, 2015
Report: Carpooling Decreases In Arizona Despite Transportation Initiatives Chloe Nordquist Dec. 14, 2015
Volunteer Pilots Keep Blood Flowing To Arizona Patients Chloe Nordquist, Stina Sieg Dec. 11, 2015
Report: Latin American Foreign-Born Population Decreases In Maricopa County Chloe Nordquist Dec. 9, 2015
Sky Harbor Expects 30 Percent Increase In Thanksgiving Travelers Chloe Nordquist Nov. 25, 2015
Nearly 2,000 Arizona College Students Receiving Loan Forgiveness Chloe Nordquist Nov. 16, 2015
Holiday Season Brings Part-Time Jobs To Metro Phoenix Chloe Nordquist Nov. 16, 2015
Amazon Hiring Thousands Of Seasonal Workers In Arizona Chloe Nordquist Nov. 10, 2015
Turkey Prices Rise During Holidays Due To Bird Flu Chloe Nordquist, Claire Caulfield Nov. 9, 2015
Arizona Holds Earthquake Preparedness Drill For 75 Agencies Chloe Nordquist Nov. 4, 2015
New Mesa Site Aims To Help Businesses Find Properties For Sale, Lease Chloe Nordquist Sep. 25, 2015
After Motorcycle Officer Death, Chandler PD Invests In SUVs To Increase Safety Chloe Nordquist Sep. 25, 2015
Census Report: Phoenix Child Poverty Rate Higher Than National Average Chloe Nordquist Sep. 17, 2015
Passenger Rail System Between Phoenix, Tucson Moves Forward Claire Caulfield, Chloe Nordquist Sep. 14, 2015
Chloe Nordquist Chloe Nordquist Sep. 14, 2011